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We all have different kinds of devices and gadgets in our homes with different kinds of software. And to protect them we need some special security software as well. So this is enough to make anyone worry about the quality of the services that they buy. Nowadays, the brand and the quality is the most important thing about any service or software.

Some of the people are ready to invest as much as they can to get the best quality products and get the finest services. But majority of people make a budget for all the services and repairs they want for their gadgets and devices. So, for them it is really difficult to afford services like installation, setting-up, etc that has the finest quality.

Now you don’t have to worry about the prices and the quality of any tech support and services for all computer, appliances, security software, or any relevant services. We at eTechGeek has made a plan for the pricing and services. Read below to know more details about the plans offered by Geek Squad Pricing Vs. our

eTechGeek– Services

Geek Squad has a variety of services, you can choose from. There are products for your every need in the market, and we have services for all those products. You can get services for software, antiviruses, appliances, computers, and all kinds of gadgets and devices. Basically, prices provided by geek squad depends on the and the kind and quality of service you buy. List of products and appliances, we provide services for is given here. Check out:

  1. Cameras & Camcorders
  2. Computers & Tablets
  3. Music Equipment
  4. Video Games
  5. TV & Home Theatre
  6. Cell Phones
  7. Total Tech Support on Protection Plans
  8. Product Replacement Plan
  9. Home/Office appliances
  10. Car Electronics
  11. Portable Audio
  12. Wearable Technology
  13. Loss and protection is available for cell phones.

To make it easy for you to understand we have made a table for all the products and the type of service that eTechGeek provides exclusively with their Geek squad pricing is mentioned below:

Geek Squad Pricing –

Geek Squad Pricing Per Service

Printer Setup$39.99  
PC/Tablet Setup$99.99  
PC Tune-Up$39.99  
OS Installation$99.99  
Virus/Spyware Removal$149.99  
Diagnostic and Repair$99.99  
Firewall Support$259.99  
Server Administration

Server Diagnostics and Repair$299.99
VPN Support$329.99  

Geek Squad Pricing Chart – Monthly Plans

 Standard PlanAdvanced Plan
Monthly Cost Per User$24.99$49.99
Initial Setup Fee$99.99$99.99  
Hourly On-Site Fee$119 Per hour for first 10 to 19 hours and $99 per hour beyond that. Included  Included

Why eTechGeek has The best Pricing?

Surviving with success in this industry since a long time, eTechGeek have already surpassed the competitors that came in its way. In the terms of serving its clients and companies, eTechGeek has gained positive feedback with minimal complaints. The Geek Squad Pricing has been properly planned with all the logic and open-mind with an idea to provide services at the lowest cost possible for us to make it affordable for majority of the users.

The best thing that we hear about ourselves through our customers is our excellent customer support. Apart from the experienced technicians that provide the finest quality tech support and services, our customer service team has excelled unexpectedly in the market, making us one of the best in the industry.

We at doesn’t have monotonous pricing system. We charge for what we actually give and what we actually deserve. The Geek Squad Pricing is set in a way that the prices charged from you are firstly, on the basis of the service provided and how it is offered and secondly, are final and transparent with no hidden charges at the time of billing. All in all, we are the tried and understood least-costing service that our customers have availed for their products to remain alive and kicking.

Geek Squad Pricing vs eTechGeek

The eTechGeek team is all set and equipped to serve you all with all the IT needs you have at your residence or business. So, the point is whatsoever task technicians from Geek Squad can perform, we can do it even better and in less price. There is o doubt that our offers all the services you ca not even think of availing from any other especially the Geek Squad Tech Support executives.

Now, we know that you might thinking on what  all services and charges you need to pay for the amazing quality in addition to offers that we provide. The best answer to your confusion in that, here we provide the full pricing that we quote is the essential price that you want to pay. Here are some of the basics.

  • Business IT services

This is really difficult to believe the charges you might get to pay with the Geek squad pricing for your company or business IT services. The prices of Geek Squad Pricing  standard business charges $24.99 monthly per user. Whenever you calculate the number of computer users your office have, that’s gonna decide how much you need to invest in the resources.

  • Diagnostics and Repair

We tend to compare the prices of online repair and diagnostics. The team of Geek Squad Tech Support can charge you up to $149.99 for the same service. Also, if they claim to resolve the problems of your device I just 45 minutes or so, you will have to pay $199.99 hourly on average for the service they provide.

However, whenever you take any service from eTechGeek related to repair or diagnostics, don’t worry, we keep you at peace. The professionals at will only charge up to $80 on hourly basis for any remote or online support. You can check the Geek Squad Pricing and compare with ours to check the difference.

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