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How Does The eTechGeek Security Camera Installation And Repair Team Serves You


Installing security cameras is the foremost step in protecting any place from threats. And the team at eTechGeek ensures just that. We take the task of Security Camera Installation And Repair service with the utmost seriousness. The team not just installs the security cameras, but also keeps a track of its functioning. In addition to this, we also repair your old or broken security cameras at the lowest price possible. Moreover, if the Security cameras have been acquired at eTechGeek, we provide this regular servicing of your cameras at minimum or no cost at all.

In a nutshell, the Security Camera Installation And Repair services are economically and quality-wise viable. You will also have numbers of brands and types to choose from. eTechGeek ensures that you are provided with quality service at minimum prices.

Steps In The Process Of Security Camera Installation And Repair –

Every step in the process is carried out with great care. We design the layout beforehand and work accordingly. The steps have been briefed here –

  • Assessing Your Needs –

The number of cameras required by a user depends on few factors like, the purpose, the locale, total area, etc.
We make a detailed list of all these factors and decide on the number of the cameras based on the said information. Once you hand over the responsibility of Security Camera Installation And Repair to eTechGeek, you no longer have to spend your time or extra money on deciding on these features and plans.

  • Selecting The Prime Spots –
    The process here also involves choosing the most appropriate spots for the cameras to be fixed at. Various factors are taken into consideration before fixing this place. Some of these factors are –

The camera is usually placed closer to the boundary wall of the building. This helps in viewing more open and prime space.
The camera should be mounted under some sort of shed to protect it from rainwater and dust.
We make sure to adjust the cameras in such a way that the picture is not darkened or distorted by shadows.

  • Handling And Connecting The Cables –

Another important aspect in the process is to assemble and connect all the cables. The cables are generally hidden alongside other cables wires. If the camera has been placed outside, hiding the cables plays an important role in keeping the machine still on. The cables are safe from water, power surge, and other such hazards. No matter the number of cables, our eTechGeek team manages it all with absolute care.

  • Positioning The Cameras –

This is one of the most vital steps in the whole process. We do make sure that the holder used to support the cameras are sturdy as to keep the cameras stable. The cameras are mounted as to give you a clear view of the place. We also make sure to take off all the distortions that might hamper the routine functioning of the cameras.

  • Tackling The Power Supply –

Once the security cameras are installed, we take up the task of connecting the power cables to the power outlets. Very often, all the cables are directed to the same power outlet as to make it more convenient to use.

Repairing The Cameras –

What brings us closer to the users are the plans that enables us to complete the repair work of security cameras at much less costs than usual. We have been dealing in the field long enough to be aware of the various glitches and errors that are common.

  • Repairing Lenses –

The team repairs or replaces broken lenses of your security cameras. The charges for these services are minimal.

  • Impaired Cables and Wires –

You can reach out to us in case you need your cables and wires to be replaced. The cables, or any accessory for that matter, will cost you more if you choose other tech services.

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